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Executive Recruiting 

                                                                                                             Recruiting, at its best, is community building. 

Beyond the resume.

Beyond the job description.


Great recruiting starts with absorbing the nuances of business goals, culture, team dynamics, and

the undefinable EQ. 


Exceptional recruiting considers shifts in culture, politics, and the demanding, ever-shifting world

we live in.


My style is connected, intuitive, journalistic, and considers the human experience first.

I bring a level of care to my work well beyond matching resume keywords to a job description. 





I'm Elizabeth. 


I work with Founders, CEOs, and Executive Leadership to shape hiring strategy, craft roles, and recruit for critical, highly nuanced roles. 


I've been an in-house Recruiting Director for an ad agency in New York, consulting Chief of Staff for an experience design firm in Atlanta, and Head of Talent for an early-stage Tech Startup in LA.  I build inspired, creative, dynamic teams.

I am a lifelong learner and am driven by the relationships I've had the fortune of impacting.   

Tech, Ad-Tech, Product & Growth, Creative, Account, Engineering, Marketing and Operations. 

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Consultative recruiting 

Exec + leadership roles 

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Hiring Strategy

Retained Recruiting Support 

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Consultative Recruiting

 Performance based 


Clients:  NYC, San Francisco, LA, and Atlanta


404  550  3464



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